Soft Blush #1 // Set of 3 Prints


New babies bring so much joy and anticipation and one of the best (and sometimes hardest parts) of preparing for their arrival is the work that goes into picking their name.

Whether you choose something traditional or a name of your own design, seeing your baby’s initial in print each time you walk into the nursery is sure to put a smile on your face and serve as a welcome reminder of a love that started building long before your little one arrived.

// Product Features

  • Set includes 3 art prints: (1) initial print, (1) quote and (1) floral print
  • Choose between 3 SIZES:
    • 8 x 10
    • 11 x 14
    • 16 x 20

// Things to Know

  • Colors may vary slightly once printed, due to color resolution on your monitor/device.
  • Frames are not included with purchase
  • Prints do not include real gold foil; gold words have a faux foil texture

// Shipping

  • All art prints ship within 5-6 business days of purchase
  • Standard shipping takes roughly 3-4 days to arrive once it leaves the warehouse



(1) Does my purchase include all 3 prints?

Yes. This set (and any set that shows 3 prints hanging over a crib or bed) includes all 3 prints when you purchase. I also offer single prints but you'll only see one print in the pictures and the listing will include the phrase "single print" in the product title.


(2) Will you print and ship them to my house?

I sure will! 


(3) What kind of paper do you print on?

8x10s and 11x14s are printed on thick, high quality art paper - twice as thick as the cardstock you'd likely buy for arts and crafts at home.


(4) Can I see a preview so I know how my child's name will look before you print?

Sure! Select the "Yes, please" option above to get a Preview of your wall art set before I print and ship. Previews arrive in your inbox (or in a text message if you prefer) within 3 business days of purchase. I'll wait for your approval before I print so please be prompt in your response so it doesn't delay your order :)

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