How to decorate a nursery on a tight budget

Dreaming of a gorgeous nursery but not sure how to make it happen on a tight budget?

One of my favorite ways to decorate on the cheap is with printable wall art. Just download, print and add cheap frames for beautifully decorated walls.

Love the idea but not sure how to actually print them?

Have no fear, it's actually super simple and there are multiple options depending on the size you want and your budget.

In just 5 minutes you can download and print beautiful nursery art. It doesn't get much easier (or cheap) than that!

Option 1: Print from home

This one is definitely the easiest and cheapest. All you need to do is download the 8 x 10 nursery print(s), choose your printer and then make sure to select "Scale: 100%." Do not select "Scale to Fit," that will stretch the image to fill up the printer sheet which is 8.5 x 11 and make result in funny looking images. Depending on the frame you chose you may need to do some minor trimming along the edges for a perfect fit.


Option 2: Print at a place like Shutterfly or Costco

This option is just as easy but a little more expensive (around $3-6 per print + shipping) and you'll have to wait for them to print and ship (or pickup) your nursery art. and Costco offer high quality printing at very reasonable prices. If you go the Shutterfly route make sure you look for a promo code on their home page; they are almost always running a 40-50% off sale.

You'll need to upload your images to their website (or bring them on a USB if you want to order in a store), select your size and paper (I prefer matte photo paper or cardstock) and wait for them to ship straight to your door!

They won't need any trimming and should slide right into any frame you choose.

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