Our Story

Hey there,

When I found out I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, the second thing I did (after telling my hubby we were expecting), was start pinning beautiful baby girl rooms to a secret Pinterest board.

I had big dreams to completely redesign the small (closet-like) room we were planning to turn into her nursery.

Pinterest nursery images for a baby girl

But when it was time to finally start setting her room up, nothing was as easy as those gorgeous pictures made it look.

Home Depot didn't carry the right size wood for my DIY board and batten dreams (which led to major tears in the middle of the wood aisle and some very weird looks from the construction guys shopping around me.)

And those beautiful gallery walls hanging over the crib? Easy to look at, not so easy to setup.

I probably went to 9 or 10 stores across multiple states looking for the perfect items to create a gallery wall that looked as effortless as the ones I'd pinned.

But all that work was most certainly NOT effortless. There had to be a better way.

And you know what? There is!

The nursery prints at The Graceful Goose are set up so you can easily create a gorgeous gallery wall.

No more wandering the aisles wondering if something is the "right" shade of blue to match a print you bought 4 weeks ago.

Each set includes 2 or 3 images that play off the same color scheme, so you know going in they'll match beautifully.

And even better, they're personalized to highlight your little one's name - something you definitely won't find wandering the aisles of a big box store.

Ready to join me in stress-free nursery decorating?


- Michelle