5 Easy Ways to Soothe Teething Pain

5 Easy Ways to Soothe Teething Pain

Teething pain is the worst. Inevitably your baby just started sleeping through the night, you're slowly starting to feel human again, and BAM, teething happens. Those pesky little teeth shouldn't hurt. I mean getting your adult teeth in is relatively painless and if you're lucky the tooth fairy left you a little something for your trouble. But somehow baby teeth can turn even the happiest babies into fussy, miserable little people. 

Five easy ways to soothe baby's sore gums

Today we've rounded up our five favorite ways to soothe teething pain with minimal effort. Because as much as we'd all like to be ahead of the curve, sometimes you just need something that works right.this.minute.

1. Teething Biscuits

When Ava was cutting her first teeth Plum's teething biscuits were the only thing that helped. I'm not sure if it was the texture, the firmness of the cracker or the distraction of food but whatever it was, she was a new baby the minute I pulled one out. Bribery? Maybe, but it was so worth it. I kept packets in every pocket of our diaper bag, my purse and the car because you just never know when you'll need one.

Ava was partial to Plum's but there are plenty of great brands out there. You can generally find them at any grocery store, Target, Wal-Mart, etc.

2. Pop a Teething Toy in the Freezer Briefly

Just a few minutes and you have cooling relief + a fun toy for baby to gnaw on. We're partial to our monogram Cheeky Chews. The bright colors and fun designs keep baby occupied plus you can work on teaching them their letters when they get a little older.

3. Get Fresh Air

Walk outside or go for a walk around the block. So simple. Always a good distraction. We took at least two walks a day during our worst teething days. Something about the fresh air took her mind off her teeth pretty much immediately and it was great way to sneak in some exercise / time out of the house.

4. Breast Milk or Formula Popsicles

This does take some pre-planning but if you freeze a whole on a quiet afternoon you could have immediate relief at your fingertips for weeks (or at least days.) You don't have to buy fancy popsicle trays - just use a clear ice cube tray and popsicle sticks (or if you're me you cut a few bamboo kebab skewers into thirds and call it a day.) 

Ava didn't like cold things directly on her gums so I often tucked them into mesh fruit bags but you could  also put them in a thin towel or muslin swaddle (one more reason muslin swaddles are the best!)

And last but not least...

5. Cold Veggie Sticks

Cold veggie sticks were such a blessing, especially when I was busy cooking dinner. I'd pop Ava in her high chair near me, cut a thick carrot or red pepper stick, and she'd gnaw away happily until dinner was ready. The cool veggie feels good on their gums and they get the a little sweetness as a bonus.

This one can get a little tricky as babies get older (they start actually biting through the veggie instead of gnawing on it) so make sure you don't leave baby unattended. Or pop the veggie stick in a mesh fruit feeder for added safety.

 Any other easy and effective teething tricks I missed?

Talk soon,


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