Fall Back in Love with the Bible:

Dive into Genesis and find a God of love and acceptance waiting for you.

Do you ever find yourself longing to dive deeper into the Bible and bring its rich lessons to life for your kids? Maybe traditional interpretations or the usual settings just don't click with your inclusive values anymore. If that's the case, you're definitely not alone.

This guide is not just a simple read-through of Genesis.

It gives a new view of Genesis, focusing on God’s endless love and our shared duty to care for His creation.

This guide is for those of us who want to come back to our Christian faith but find some (or most) of the old, fundamentalist teachings hard to accept.

Isn't it time we connected our deep beliefs with the faith we want to share with our kids?

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Hi! I'm Michelle

I've been where you are—questioning, seeking, and hoping for a way to share faith with my kids in a way that feels authentic, inclusive and without pressuring them to believe the same things I do.

Drawing on the thoughtful perspectives of theologians like Marty Solomon and grounded in a loving interpretation of scripture, I've created this guide to help families like ours find joy and meaning in the Bible again.

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We've all had moments of doubt, moments where our faith seems to waver. It's a part of being human. But with this guide, you can turn those moments into opportunities for growth and understanding.

Imagine being able to sit down with your kids to share the stories of Genesis in a way that highlights God's love and inclusivity.

Imagine being able to answer their tough questions with confidence, and guide them on their own spiritual journey. This is what our guide can help you achieve.

It's not just about finding your way back to your faith; it's about passing that faith on to your kids in a way that's compassionate, understanding, and inclusive.

What’s Included:

  • Thoughtfully Interpreted Bible Stories that emphasize the inclusive love of God.
  • Reflection Activities that encourage deeper engagement with scripture.
  • Discussion Prompts to help you think through what God's really asking of us, and who God really is in this crazy chaotic world.

It's everything I wish I had when I was struggling to hold on to my faith 7 years ago.

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Our Promise To You

Experience the Guide to Genesis risk-free. If you don't find it enhances your family's connection to the Bible, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this guide suitable for those new to the Bible?

  • Yes, it’s designed to be accessible whether you’re revisiting the Bible or exploring it for the first time with your children.

How does this guide handle controversial topics?

  • With care and respect, focusing on the overarching messages of love and acceptance that underpin the Bible’s teachings.

Is this guide only for parents who are struggling with their faith?

While this guide was created with parents who are finding their faith challenging in mind, it can be beneficial for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of Genesis. The guide's inclusive interpretation is intended to resonate with people at all stages of their faith journey.

Take the Next Step

Are you ready to lead your family on this journey of rediscovery? Do you want to introduce your children to a God who is love personified, who includes everyone in His embrace?

If yes, then "Fall Back In Love With The Bible: What Genesis Can Teach Us About A Loving & Inclusive God" is the guide for you.

Don't let hesitation or fear hold you back from giving your family this invaluable gift - the gift of love, acceptance, and faith.