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Summer Kindness Kit

Summer Kindness Kit

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Ditch summer boredom & embrace the power of kindness with the Summer Kindness Kit. 

Key Features:

  • 30 Kid-Friendly Prompts: Enjoy screen-free fun all summer long with our daily prompts designed to inspire acts of kindness and create lasting memories.
  • Hanging Progress Tracker: So you can see all of the kindness you spread over the summer.
  • Builds Lifelong Habits: Instill values of kindness and generosity in your children as they get in the habit to doing intentional acts of kindness.
  • Meaningful Family Time: Strengthen family bonds and create cherished moments with activities that promote connection and togetherness.

Challenge Kit Includes:

  • Set of 30 Acts of Kindness Cards
  • Canvas progress tracker to hang in your home with a pocket to hold each card.
  • Wildflower planting kit
  • Sidewalk chalk kit
  • Access to extra resources (like coloring pages) to make it even easier to dive into the Challenge this summer

Order Now and have an instant answer to your kids "what do I do now?" questions this summer!

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