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Blessing Bear™

Blessing Bear™

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This snuggly bear has the sweetest secret: they have a hidden pocket in their back to store handwritten notes from family and friends, transforming them into a symbol of unconditional love and community for your little one.

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  • Open up your bear and grab the pen & fabric squares (2 squares are included with purchase.)
  • Write a blessing or note for your child. To make it extra sweet, have family & friends write notes, too.
  • Tuck the fabric square inside your bear's back pocket.
  • Surprise your child with a super soft bear full of love from their favorite people.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do guests write on for it to fit inside the bear? Do you put all of the blessings from attendees in the bear?

Each bear includes (2) fabric squares and a pen (fits 15-20 notes total). If you expect to have a lot of Blessing messages, you can purchase extra fabric squares if you need them.

Each bear fits at least 2 squares. If you order more than that we'll also send you a nice little mesh bag to keep the extra Blessing messages in as a keepsake.

How large is the space where the notes can be added? 

All of our bears except Biscuit have room for at least 3 of the fabric squares we sell. (each bear includes 2 squares.) Each square holds about 10 notes depending on how much your guests write. Hope that helps!

How long do orders typically take?

Right now it’s taking about 2 weeks including shipping time.

What are the dimensions of the bear?

They are roughly 16” tall.


  • What's Included: (1) Super soft 18in bear, (2) prayer squares (enough for 15-20 notes) and (1) ultra-fine tip permanent fabric marker.
  • Material: Made from high-quality recycled polyester for maximum softness and sustainability.
  • Ready for gifting: Includes a little book explaining how to use a Blessing Bear so they know it’s more than just a teddy bear.