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30 Days of Kindness Cards

30 Days of Kindness Cards

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Unleash the magic of kindness this Spring and immerse your family in a meaningful countdown to Easter.


Example activities include:

Love Notes: Write or draw little love notes and place them under family members' pillows for them to find at bedtime.

Chalk the Sidewalk: Use chalk to write kind and encouraging messages on your driveway or sidewalk.

Doorstep Drawing: Draw a picture of your favorite springtime activity and leave it at a neighbor's doorstep with a kind note.


    It’s a gift that keeps on giving, making the world a little brighter one card at a time.

    Cards are 2.5 in x 3.5 in each. Cards do not require special supplies. Cards do not involve religion / religious practices.


    • 28in x 15in (plus space to hang)
    • Includes 1 pack of 30 Days of Kindness Cards.
    • Comes with dowel and rope for easy hanging.
    • Great for ages 3 & up.


    What age group is the Kindness Calendar designed for?

    • The is designed to be accessible and engaging for children ages 3 and up. Its activities are crafted to be simple enough for young children to understand and participate in, while also being meaningful for older kids and even adults.

    What types of acts of kindness are included?

    • The calendar includes a wide range of acts of kindness, from small gestures like complimenting a family member or writing a thank-you note, to larger acts like donating toys they don't plan with or helping a family member with their chores.

    Can the Kindness Calendar be reused, or is it specific to one year?

    • The Kindness Calendar is designed to be timeless and not year-specific, so you can reuse it annually and start it on a day that works for your family. The goal is to cultivate a habit of kindness and spread God’s love, no matter what the season is.

    What if we miss a day?

    • Missing a day is perfectly okay! Life happens and we’re all about giving ourselves grace around here. The calendar is designed to be flexible and forgiving. If you miss a day, you can simply pick up where you left off or perform two acts of kindness the next day. The most important part is the intent and action behind each act of kindness, not how quickly you get it all done.

    Do we have to be religious / go to church to use the calendar?

    • Nope. None of the activities are religious / church-related so you can fit them into your family’s day in whatever way works for you :)
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    “Love it! Perfect for even my younger kids.” - Nicole

    "The [kindness] cards are so fun and appropriate for so many ages! I am excited to make this one of our families traditions for years to come!" - Katelyn