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Advent Kindness Calendar

Advent Kindness Calendar

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Why We Love It:

This handcrafted keepsake is more than just a countdown to Christmas - it's a tradition, a lesson, and a source of joy your family will look forward to year after year.

Imagine your children waking up each morning in December, excited to see what act of kindness the day holds. From baking cookies for a neighbor to writing a heartfelt note for a friend, each day brings a new opportunity to spread joy and hope.


  • 24in x 15in (plus space to hang)
  • Includes 1 pack of 25 Days of Kindness Cards
  • Pockets features top openings to place items.
  • Comes with dowel and rope for easy hanging
  • Great for ages 3 & up.

Experience the magic of the season in a heartwarming, meaningful way with a new kind of Advent Calendar.
Inventory is incredibly limited so don’t wait to get yours!

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